Case Studies

Done Right Roofing

Worth Over 1.5 Million in 1st Year of Working with ACI

“At first I was unsure whether or not the marketing plan would actually be helpful to us.  A year later I can say that the plan was worth every penny and all of the effort! The marketing plan transformed my business from just  another roofing company into a professional looking business with a clear and effective marketing message and marketing system. We saw definite results when we stayed very busy even though the housing market slowed down our competitors. By following the plan for systemizing my business I increased its resale value to 1.5 million and counting! Thanks A Million Literally."

Sherene St.Cyr, 

Mango Maids

Reaches $100,000/Month in 2nd Year of Working with ACI

"Just wanted to write you a quick thank-you for all your help. Thanks to your guidance and ideas we have finally hit $40,000 in monthly sales and are about to open up our first 'franchise' in Edmonton. At this rate of growth we expect to hit $100,000 in monthly sales by June. We'd also like to renew our contract with you."

Latest update, we're at $100,000 a month!

Bryce Currie,